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1942 Championship Report

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GAA Championship 1942 Report

Greatest disappointment for years was the failure of

 Ardee St. Mary’s to turn up at the Athletic Grounds Dundalk last Sunday,

 For the final of the Louth Senior Championship with the Gaels.

Following the drawn game with Cooley Kickhams,

And the fine sprite generated in the re-play, for which extra time was needed,

 Considerable interest was evaded in the final.

 The prospects of a great final battle between Ardee St. Mary’s’

 Who had come from the bottom, and Dundalk Gaels

 Who had risen to be favourites following a two-goal victory

 over regaining champions, providing good grounds for debate.

 Accordingly, more than a half hour prior to starting time,

large numbers arrived at the Athletic Ground;

but to be informed that the Executive had received short notice

 that Ardee could not travel.

 It was a sore disappointment for scores of foot-ball followers

 who had cycled long distances in heavy rain,

 sustained by the prospects of witnessing a rousing Clash

  Despite unfavourable conditions in the morning,

it was obvious after 3:00pm,

That there would have been an exceptionally fine attendance.

 There was an almost constant stream of cyclist

 and pedestrians to the grounds.

 It appears that executive was informed by Ardee representatives,

at mid-day in Dundalk, that transport was not available.

 One would have expected earlier notice; or that,

 If the people concerned were unable to arrange conveyance of the team,

 Arrangements should have left to the Executive Officer.

Who, we have no doubt from previous experience,

would have been quite capable of handling the situation.

It is held locally, that the latter could have filled the

breach even after mid-day; but that,

 In the meantime, other considerations had arisen by the Dee

 Which did not make the journey feasible from the Ardee point of view.

Whatever the explanation, one thing emerges:

The game has suffered a severe blow,

 Especially in the Northern end of the county.

 Nothing could have more damaging to

 Prestige than such a disappointment in the

 Prevailing conditions. In future, working up enthusiasm for a final,

 or other important fixture will not be so easy

 amongst the scores of football ‘’fans’’ who arrived

at the Athletic Grounds at 3:00pm on Sunday,

dripping wet after a long journey in heavy rainfall.

 Adour will have been too greatly damped.

Hectic clashes, surprising results;

 the rise of lowly teams against strong

 opposition—all---combined to make the final

 a greater draw than usual, for the neutral as well

 as the whole-hearted followers of the clubs concerned.

 Public support cannot be treated lightly:

in the conditions prevailing, and the circumstances attendant

 on the this fixture, last-minute disappointment was all the greater.

The matter will be considered at the meeting of the Executive,

in Dundalk tomorrow, at which Ardee will have an opportunity

of placing their side of the case before the public,

 and no doubt, the full facts will come to light.

1st September 1942

Dear sir

Through your paper, I desire to explain the failure

 Of St. Mary’s Club to field a team at Dundalk on last Sunday.

 Owing to torrential rain the players could not cycle to Dundalk

 As they did on all previous occasions; motor cars were not available

 or any other alternative mode of conveyance.

 In the circumstances, and although the team was ready,

 the committee decided that the players or

 the public could not be expected to attend.

 It is hoped that the game will be re-fixed when teams

 and public, with better weather conditions than

 prevailed on Sunday last, may enjoy an eagerly awaited contest.

To any member of the public who may have been disappointed,

the above explanation is due and directly addressed.

Yours truly.

Edmund Gaffney

Ardee St. Mary’s G.F.C.